Welcome to Insure Pro Florida

Have you ever wished you could go back to the days of Old Fashion Customer Service? In the past you used to be able to call your local agent, who knew your family and they would personally take care of everything for you? Are you frustrated when you have to dial an 800 number and wait on hold to handle simple requests on your policy? Well we would like to welcome you to InsurePro of Florida. Founded on these customer service principles and modern technology. We are a family oriented business with ties to the community going back to 1974. 

We have observed that in today’s marketplace customers are too busy with their daily lives to constantly check their insurance policies to confirm they receive the proper credits and discounts.  As your agent we will do not believe in the average everyday agent’s automatic renewal of your policy. Our professional staff actually takes the time to shop your policy every time it is due for renewal through all of our carriers. This will insure that you never have to worry about the question am I getting the best coverage at the lowest price. 

As an insurance customer you have to rely on your agent to collect the proper information to give you a fair and accurate quote. With our agents at InsurePro of Florida we take that responsibility very seriously. We constantly train and educate our agents on the multiple programs offered by our carriers. We also use the most advanced tools in the industry to quote over the highest rated carriers and give you the lowest price offered. 

With our exclusive Concierge Customer Service all you have to do is call us directly with any questions, requests, concerns or claims and we will take care of the rest. With our advanced customer service system we can contact the carrier to maintain the necessary documentation to insure consistent customer service for you and your family.


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